Using HRMS Software To Boost Employee Performance

One of the challenges faced by most Human Resource departments is the need to determine job descriptions and then manage performance across a company. This is not only challenging, but it can be time-consuming, particularly in developing the job description and the key goals or KRA (Key Responsibility Areas) as well as the KPI or Key Performance Indicators and how they align with the overall company goals and initiatives.

The good news is that HRMTHREAD, has designed a feature in our HRMS software package to make this process easier. By establishing the job description, the employee goals as well as KRA and KPI requirements, the employee can clearly see expectations while managers can also have real-time information and feedback.

Full Transparency

Often employees have concerns about how they are evaluated for performance reviews. By using our HRMS software, full transparency is provided for the employee throughout the process.

This means the agreed-upon goals are always accessible, as well as the specific outcomes or measurables that are required. This eliminates uncertainty for the employee, while also ensuring the management team is in agreement with the employee’s goals at all stages of their employment.

360 Reviews

360 appraisals or reviews are also available through the HRMS software. These types of appraisals allow direct reports, peers, customers, managers, and vendors to rate various aspects of the employee’s performance. This is then normalized and provided for review when the employee is eligible for promotions or increments based on his or her performance.

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Huge Employees, Multiple Branches, Our Older Payroll Systems took me 2 working days to complete just one location, a total of 8 days each month was spent on one task.,
- Arch Pharma Labs
Stan D'Souza , Arch Pharma Labs
We have been using EasyPAY for more than 8 years now, It has simplified our Payroll Process & MIS Reportings. On a click of a button we file all our Statutory Compliances of PF/ESIC/PT & Income Tax.
Ajay Save , Press Trust of India
This software is of great help to us. Payroll Processing for all our clients in time bound dates was a challenging job for us. It was a difficult for us to maintain it manually.
Mr. Prakash Kagarwala , M/s PCS Consultants
This Software has all the required feature my company requires right from Payslips to Income Tax Form 16. Filing of PF/ESIC & Income Tax return was never so easy.
Ms. Varsha , PCS Securities Pvt. Ltd.
Firstly i would like to thank the entire team of Sensys for their kind support & cooperation all the time we required. When there is a query/doubts we call your office & we just got the solution what we needed.
Mr. Robin , Microworld Software Pvt. Ltd.

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