Track Your Company’s Growth With HRM Thread Performance Management System

Many organizations are transforming their performance management system due to various reasons. One reason is the difficulty of carrying out performance management effectively. Talent management is becoming essential, and effective performance management plays an essential role in it.

Performance management is the process by which employees and managers work together to plan, review and monitor the work objectives of everyone and the overall contribution he or she makes to the organization. It is a continuous process of setting goals, assessing progress and offering ongoing feedback and coaching to make sure that employees are meeting their career goals and objectives.

The main goal of performance management is promoting and improving the effectiveness of employees. Before embarking on the development of an effective performance management system, organizations should consider whether they have set up HR management practices to support the performance management process. These practices include well written job descriptions, comprehensive employee training and orientation, effective supervision and a supportive and positive work environment.

The best performance management system is job specific and covers a wide range of jobs in an organization. It also aligns with the culture and strategic direction of a company. It is also easy to understand and use and provides a precise image of the performance of every employee. An effective performance management system also includes a collaborative process for setting goals and reviewing performance based on communication between the manager and employee.

A good performance management system also monitors and measures results as well as behaviors. It also includes feedback for jobs well done and constructive feedback when improvement is required. An effective performance management system is also designed to clarify objectives, plan relative development and training programs and help in the management of individual employee performance.

If you are looking for the best performance management system, HRM Thread can meet your needs. This is a versatile, web based and user friendly performance management system. It can take care of all your needs when it comes to defining company initiatives and objectives, maintaining goals derived from company initiatives and maintaining job description based goals.

With HRM Thread, goal sheet allocation with workflow between employees and managers can be easily done. When the manager and employee approve the goal sheet, it can be assigned to the employee. Managers can put in notes and the employees can keep posting goal progress regularly.

This performance management system was developed by Sensys Technologies. This company was founded in 2004 with the aim of providing high quality solutions in software. At Sensys, Technologies, we offer high quality services, applications and solutions to ensure that our clients benefit fully. We believe in high quality software development. In order to achieve this, we implement a comprehensive quality policy that delivers the results our customers expect.

HRM Thread offers development and training opportunities for improving performance and ensures that employee work plans support the strategic direction of a firm. With this performance management system, you can establish clear communication between employees and managers. Everybody in your organization will know what is expected of him or her. You can also easily recognize or identify the accomplishments of employees.

Huge Employees, Multiple Branches, Our Older Payroll Systems took me 2 working days to complete just one location, a total of 8 days each month was spent on one task.,
- Arch Pharma Labs
Stan D'Souza , Arch Pharma Labs
We have been using EasyPAY for more than 8 years now, It has simplified our Payroll Process & MIS Reportings. On a click of a button we file all our Statutory Compliances of PF/ESIC/PT & Income Tax.
Ajay Save , Press Trust of India
This software is of great help to us. Payroll Processing for all our clients in time bound dates was a challenging job for us. It was a difficult for us to maintain it manually.
Mr. Prakash Kagarwala , M/s PCS Consultants
This Software has all the required feature my company requires right from Payslips to Income Tax Form 16. Filing of PF/ESIC & Income Tax return was never so easy.
Ms. Varsha , PCS Securities Pvt. Ltd.
Firstly i would like to thank the entire team of Sensys for their kind support & cooperation all the time we required. When there is a query/doubts we call your office & we just got the solution what we needed.
Mr. Robin , Microworld Software Pvt. Ltd.

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